Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ten Things I Am Loving and Thankful For Right Now
1. Long, leisurely mornings; not having to rush anywhere.
2. Having enough friends and family to share meals with almost on a daily basis.
3. My naturopathic doctor- one of the most kind, caring, and knowledgeable health professionals I have encountered in my life. A real healer; she is changing my life. Really.
4. This unusual summer weather with its crisp air and gentle breezes.
5. Daily afternoon cat naps.
6. My latest and awesomest sewing inspiration. She's going to get me back on my machine any day now.
7. All of my daughter's enthusiasm and gratitude for her summer theater camp, which will wrap-up with two exciting productions next weekend. ("Mama, thank you so much for taking me to this camp. I love it!")
7. Favorite safe and fairly healthy treats: Ralph's refreshing lemon ice and carob chips straight from the freezer.
8. All the plans we are making for the coming weeks: camping, staying with my aunt and family out East (LI) , a couple of days in Philly, apartment sitting in NYC while my BF travels to Spain, and day trips out and about.
9. The opportunity to watch my daughter blossom and grow daily during these summer days.
10. Knowing that I have a loving, heavenly Father-who knows all of my needs before I do, never leaves me, answers prayers, and loves me in spite of my human weakness.
What are some things you are thankful for lately?

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Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

What a wonderful post.. Leaves me a bit awestruck, really.

I love how you appreciate life to its fullest.. We need more of you in this world.