Sunday, July 26, 2009


Every bottle of dishwashing liquid needs an apron.

And growing out my gray is requiring even more hair accessories!

I'm enjoying quiet, late summer nights just sitting back with my crochet.
This past week, I've been choosing projects that can be completed in one session.
So far, so good. Last night, one just wasn't enough, so I went for a new dishtowel, too.
Luckily, Cub has been sleeping until 9am every morning!
Yes, we're loving summer-living.
In related news, I'm taking my love of this craft to the next level.
I've joined a local crochet group!

PS: If your name is JOYCE...Yes, it's me! Please leave me your email so I can contact you!!!


joyceindamascus said...

Cyndy - Yes, it is Joyce Miscione. I hope you asked your wonderful grandparents Steve and Ann about me, and your Aunt Cathy! My e-mail address is I work for the State Department and have been overseas for 20 years now. Please get in touch with me. Joyce

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I loove the apron on the bottle!! yes, every dishwashing soap bottle needs an apron, lol!

And Cub sleeps until 9? So nice.. yes, it definitely is summer! :)

Kat said...

Lucky you with cub sleeping till 9:00 my girls and I are enjoying the lazy days of summer too but before we know it school will be back in session and outr girls will begin kindergarten too! And every bottle needs an apron of course!