Monday, July 13, 2009

Motivated by Envy

Loving these skirts so much, I've dusted off the sewing machine and pulled out my stash of muslin. A trip to JoAnn's later will provide the tulle. Now, I'm off to find some old onesies or tank tops. My Cub MUST have one of these by the end of the week.
Just awesome, Ladies. Here's to the motivation I've been needing and one of two new crafty hobbies I've been obsessing over this summer: Wardrobe refashioning is awesome. Plain and simple.
Here's the first from MADE, a new fave bloggie.

This blue one is delicious. I think my girl will have bright pink or green...or maybe I'll just let her pick it out! Here, from the gal who started this all for me:

And because we always need something for the big girls...Did you check out
the Chicken's sweet and simple cardigan yesterday? I've already made two!
Refashioning t-shirts has been all the rage this summer
and is making me very happy.


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Those skirts are A-DORABLE! :)

dana said...

Thanks for the sweet shout-out! It's fun to see my picture on someone's blog like that :).
And thank you for stopping by MADE!