Sunday, July 12, 2009

Girls Night Out (In Lots of Photos)

My girl and I have been making special dates for our summer months to get out and do things that are fun for the both of the evening. Whoo-hoo!
We had the best time going to Brooklyn the other night.
I discovered a place that I really want to keep just our secret, but since we fell in love with it, and desperately want it to be around for a while...I think share it with y'all!
The "famous" Staten Island Ferry terminal...from our (SI) side!

We pass two icons in the water. Cub took this. That blurry thing in the water is another ferry heading towards SI.

Every time I'm in Brooklyn, I realize how much I love it. I spent three very special years there, and it still has a home in my heart. I love the sights, sounds, and colors of lower Atlantic Avenue.
Check out this fabulous couch. How gorgeous is that color?
We found a fabric thrift store on the way to our destination.

Finally inside The Moxey Spot...
One of the coolest places I've found since becoming a mama and living in NYC.

This is more than a restaurant, really. I've never seen anything quite like it. Some very smart, creative, and loving, person or people had an excellent idea: To create a two-level space where adults with children of any age, could come to chill out, eat, drink, and make merry while simultaneously providing children with so many fun and engaging things to do...Too many to list. If you live in the area, you must check it out for yourself. There is an extensive library, arts and crafts section, puzzles, dolls, dress-up, trains, cars, games, music and free movies on Friday night! The place is filled with lots of cool stuff for the young and old to appreciate. Before the actual movie, they screened a ten minute "short," from the Peter Rabbit films.

Cub instantly made friends with all the other kids that were there and they ate together on the rug, then played together while the moms and dads were left watching most of the film. Oh, well. No problem. I had my crochet bag with me and drank lots of yummy coffee while chatting with some interesting grown-ups.
May I add they have a yummy, healthy, affordable and wine, too!
I enjoyed taking in all the creations on this art wall.
That wooden dollhouse is pretty sweet, too.

I had to practically drag Cub out of there kicking and screaming...and it was getting "late" for us.
We still had to make our way back to the ferry and cross the river to get home.
Boy, do I miss being able to buy (and receive) flowers from these 24 hour flower stands in front of the bodegas...What a convenience for boyfriends past! These exist mostly in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. Nothing like this in Staten Island. Boo.

And as late as it was...How could this Mama pass-up a run through this place? Another "Boo" to Staten Island! What's up with not having one of these in our borough?
I was happy I brought that backpack with me after all!
It ended up being a late but wonderful night of adventure for us.
Can't wait for our next Girls Night Out...A concert in Battery Park next week!

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