Friday, October 17, 2008

Buttons, buttons

I've just realized I've been on a button-kick since I was a kid. My grandmother had a cookie tin filled with vintage buttons. Her mother, my great-grandmother Calise, worked in a factory in nyc sewing men's outerwear during the years of the depression, so she passed on all the extras to my grandma and she saved them all. I used to love running my fingers through them. I'd sit and "stir" them and it was so soothing to me. Funny, how after all these years, I've never really acquired a proper button collection for myself. Duh.
So, recently I went on a bit of a spree over on ebay and bought several lots of vintage buttons. The snapshot above is a small fraction of my new cuties.
I like to get to know each and every one. I lay them out on several pretty dishes and then I wash them in warm, sudsy, water.
When they are sparkling clean, I inspect them again.
Lastly, I separate them by color and store them in plastic bags.
I have several crafty plans for them:
and more ornaments...I love this one! (Can you tell I'm already thinking
about the upcoming ornament swap?!)
So many buttons!
Simple and lovely.


MySweetThree said...

Oh, Cyndy! How fun!! How ARE you going to find the time to do it all? When you do them, be sure to let us see!!

MySweetThree said...

eeek!! I had to rush back here and send cub my well wishes...I hope she is feeling better..I am suffering right with her..lost my voice completely yesterday..take care of your angel, as I know you are. =)