Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Want It All This Fall!

Photo and Gourd Dollhouse courtesy of BitterBetty.

I am absolutely crazy for this gourd dollhouse. Isn't it the most adorable thing you've seen in a long time? Hee,hee. Lately, I am more obsessed than usual with all things crafty and edible. Why not share the love?

I have to make this Apple and Pear Chutney over the long weekend. Yum!

I've already made this perfect pumpkin bread and it was devoured in less than a day. It was absolutely delicious. I have photos, but my camera has been cranky.

Check out these great recipes for fruit butters.

How about a cup of homemade Chai tea? This is on my list for holiday gifting already.

I have to make a trip to Michael's when I have a free minute. (Cub has been sick this week, so I run right home after work to give her extra TLC.) Then I will be able to finish up the newspaper banner, which will say "Welcome" because I already have a Halloween banner from Martha. That's what happens when you jump on the holidays early! Also, I need some findings and such for those fabric embellishments I made this weekend, so that I can have a pretty necklace.
Also, I want to get to work on making these clips (and these, too!) for all of the darling little (and big) girls in our lives.
We have yet to make some mushrooms for The Spore Project (see my sidebar), but after spying these mushrooms over at Maya's, I'm getting those paperbags ready.
The list could go on all night, I collect that much. But I really need to do my dishes. So, I'll say goodnight and leave you with a project from someone I have a major crafty-crush on! These gingerbread hearts must hang from our door-knobs NOW. Hannah leaves me speechless.

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MySweetThree said...

If I could bottle your creative energy, I would be rich...it would be highly sought after!! And with this post, You give me more reading in addition to your previous 2 posts that I still need to pour over..You do know that I go to every link you post..I know, without a second of hesitation that I will find what you link of interest!! I have not been let down yet! Yeah for Cyndy!