Saturday, October 11, 2008

The above sketch was made by the amazingly talented Jenny Lerew.
This is what I love about Bloggyville USA: You go to one blog for something, like an Apple Gingerbread recipe, (because you've been craving it ever since Maya's post), then you see something about the recipe being mentioned on this very neatO crafty place and then you find this vision of loveliness, Blackwing Sketchbook. Oh My Granola! I read A LOT of blogs. I do. And there are so many reasons, mainly I am a big-time voyeur, if that makes any sense. There are so many interesting and talented people out there. I love that.
But this one is the cat's pajamas to me.
There is just something about Jenny Lerew, this animation story artist, that I adore. Her drawings, style, snippy writing...So very good. Her other blog, Blackwing Diaries is fascinating and educational, in the fact that I know very little about artists within the world of animation. I love. love. love. her. Go see for yourself.
Feeling a bit better today. Funny, how us humans can adjust to all things, really. Things take a "minute" to process and then we go about our daily lives, etcetera...Blah, blah. Back to living.
Believe it or not, since I haven't been able to sleep since the news of my friend's passing, I've been working on these tedious and silly little crafting projects. They actually have soothed me to sleep each night. Wood disc magnets made from old highly-recognizeable ("American Pop-ish") boxes like Junior Mints, Ritz Crackers, and Brillo have been extremely satisfying to craft at 2am. They almost look like I could have bought them in this shop, a favorite when I was living downtown.
In the wee hours of this morning, I moved on to these birdies, accept they are made out of the above materials instead of oh so purty scrapbook paper. Very cute. I sure do get a lot of craft mileage out of that simple bird template! I think I see some freezer-paper stencils in our future, using that design.
Now off to bake and grade papers!

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MySweetThree said...

I would love to see those magnets, they sound so fun. I also wish I had more time to devote to blog reading, YOURS included, I have not gone to all the links that you have posted, and I really really want to. I have some major moving stress going on, and right now, as I type, I am battling a tension headache..Bobby is getting an ice pack ready, he makes a mean ice pack...ha ha, could you tell I am a bit of a baby when I have a headache? I Hope you have a great week!