Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Fall Crafting

This past weekend was so very productive. I finished many of the wips I had left dangling, crafted some more, hosted a wee chilli party for four, and baked all Sunday morning before the birthday party for our friend, G. It's a good thing I was able to accomplish so much, because my Cub is pretty sick. I can't/don't want to do anything when she is ill, just tend to her and rest myself, too.
I made a few of these little mini-books for G's birthday. They were cut from cereal boxes, covered with decorative paper and filled with scrap. They took a while, but were worth it. Oh Gosh, there are my dirty hands again! Sorry! I'm a Taurus/Wood-Horse(Chinese Astrology). Basically, I should just live in a barn or a mud-hut. I can't help it.

I made several of these button barrettes for G. and kept a few for us. This one is mine and was taken before I shot it with "No Fray Spray." Like the display? Our zinnea (that we have had for almost three weeks now) was a good sport.

And here is the newspaper banner I blabbed about a bit ago, finally on proud display. It was so much fun to make. There will be more in the future.
I did the needlepoint of the hydrangea when Cub was an infant. At that time, life was coming apart at the seams (fun pun, now) and I found so much comfort in the motion of the needlework.
Each night, I'd sit on my couch after I finally put her down to sleep, after her last bottle and lullaby...I'd turn on the television so she would not be disturbed. Our apartment was so tiny, huge ceilings with teeny rooms. Anyway, I'd pick-up the project and everything seemed to get better and just settle as I sewed. This piece took me a while, but when it was finished, I figured it was worth framing. Not because it was so good or anything.
I guess because for the first time in my life, I learned that I have
a place within me that is still, and calm, and peaceful, and that
I can be strong even when I am alone in the eye of a storm.
And that's worth hanging on a wall! (Big smile.)


MySweetThree said...

When's your birthday? I'm a Taurus..but don't know about Chinese Astrology, but now I am curious about it. I love the pictures you posted...The chili party...G's birthday, the things you made..what a wonderful, productive, and heartwarming weekend. The newspaper banner, the button are so full of talent that I stand in awe of you. And the needlepoint should DEFINITELY be framed. A great big smile over here.


MySweetThree said...

Cyndy!! I really am not well, lol! I rushed back here to leave you another comment..and it looks like I left it for you on your October 17th post!! How did I do that?! I think there is a way to delete it, but I am choosing not to...hee is left on your Buttons! post..ha ha, I meant to put it here. Go read it! I am off...Nyquil is calling..again. I need some rest!!

J for Jendetta said...

Cyndy you are getting sooo good at everything! I love the newspaper banner!! I want to make one! What did you do???