Monday, October 13, 2008

Seasonal Creations

We made this pumpkin bread a few weeks ago.
And now that I have my camera's full cooperation, I thought I'd share...

Finally some decent flicks.
I seldom make the same recipe twice, but this bread will definitely make a reappearance in our kitchen. Today, I dreamed about using my sewing machine, but felt too guilty because there was a mountain of papers staring at me from my kitchen table. I also daydreamed about finishing up those mini-craft projects, but I've been sick the past few days with some sort of upper respiratory infection that comes and goes.
I still had time to bake an Apple Gingergread, though!
(This slice is the pumpkin.)

And here is another version of that bottle basket I shared a few posts back.
This is a little halloween treat basket. It reminds me of the cute ones you'd get at birthday parties in the 70's when everything was coordinated. They were made of crepe paper and
were usually filled with m&m's.

I was thinking this would make a fun and easy tutorial in the very near future.
This almost makes me want to have a kiddie halloween party.
And those candy-corn, btw- were Cub's idea. She's asked me to buy some practically every time
we're out and about. I finally broke down.
Why did they have to be the gourmet variety?!!
They were just tooooo good, all fresh and soft and honey vanilla-y.


J for Jendetta said...

you two are the cutest. i love pumpkin everything!!!

MySweetThree said...

Cub is a little girl after my own heart...Candy Corn are my absolute favorite Halloween treat. They are second only to the cadbury creme egg, in terms of Holiday candy. I am sorry to hear you are under the weather. Bobby went to Texas and came back with a cold..each day it has molded into something new..the way that colds run their, he is coughing constantly..I hope you get well soon! And I think I am dreaming about using your sewing machine too!! lol...I really want to get one..I am telling you, I want it as a Christmas present!! I will have to continue to be a good girl!! :)