Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Birthdays, Etc.

We have so many friends celebrating birthdays during the fall season. Fun! We had three this weekend alone. I've noticed they all incorporate the spirit of Halloween and that's okay by me. The kids love it. This Saturday, Cub's friend L. had such a cute Star Wars themed party outside in his awesome backyard. L's daddy is a park ranger inside Fort Wadsworth and I am in love with their domain. The house is an old brick early American something or other. You know, the classic square rooms, one leading into the other, with hardwoods and all kinds of nooks and teeny, tiny rooms. Sigh. The backyard is huge and basically borders the overlook of the Verrazano Bridge. I'd post a photo, but I figure y'all have seen that bridge enough. Can you tell how much I like it?

L's daddy, "Big L," is a huge Star Wars fan, so he didn't miss a beat when it came to all the details.

Here's my "Hannah Montana" painting our pumpkin. I don't have the heart to tell her that wig makes her look more like Cousin It, but she has no idea who that is anyway. My weekend evenings are usually spent making something. I was so happy the mood finally struck to make something with those beads I wrote about a little while ago. The ones on the left are made with beads I rolled from a piece of fashion magazine. They were my very first attempt at making any type of wire jewelry. I envisioned a very long, thin, hippie-like earring. I wore them on Sunday and someone asked if I'd make a pair for their friend's birthday. Yay! I'm planning on giving these to a certain someone I love who always wears long dangly earrings. Maybe. Hee,hee. The other beads are from my pal Kristin. I made these earrings and I love 'em. They're mine. I'm in the process of making a wire and ribbon necklace with the others. Thanks so much, Kristin. I'm such a fan of yours!
So, now I'm feeling the jewelry thing full force. I went and bought some more beads and findings and I'm going to start experimenting with fabric, ribbon, beads, and chain.
Once again, side-tracked by another crafty distraction.
Will I ever finish any of the other zillion projects I have cookin'?

Blurry earring, but isn't that little German house cute?

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MySweetThree said...

I am so happy to see a new post! I SOOOOOOO look forward to them, you have no idea! I love the earrings!! How fun! It tickles me to see what my beads have been made into! I think they are so sweet!! I laughed out loud at the Hannah Montana wig comment...Cousin It! The Star Wars party looks like it was fun..My husband is Very into Star Wars..but what little boys aren't, huh? I still wear my hair in princess Leia type-buns though, that was a habit I got into when I went through a bit of a punk/rock stage in High School...ok. Stop writing. Good night!