Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some Sugar

Last night I had a crafting party, by myself. It was so much fun. I made this mini-candy dish out of the bottom 1/4 of my gingerale bottle from lunch. Just in time for Halloween, too. I'm going to use a clear bottle woven with black and orange ribbons for the next one. I'm thinking it will hold the candy we'll pass out on the big night!

Today was a beautiful day all around. Cub had her dance class. She's been promoted to the next level, so it's ballet, modern, and tap/jazz. She loves it and I love the hour and a half I get for reading, drinking coffee in the cute cafe next door, or just wandering aimlessly, something I do best. This morning, I stumbled upon a yard sale and I struck gold, as they say. This is after I'd sworn off yard sales and the like because we have way too much stuff around here. But still, sometimes they are too good to pass up.

The goodness included the most awesome blackboard!!! There were two, both were "classsroom" size. My heart fluttered when I saw them both. I took the smaller of the two because I couldn't fit the big one in my little car. It was mine for $5.00, a total deal. I have to re-paint it. But that will be easy. I'm thinking of a funky color, too. I'll post a "before and after" shot when it's finished. For another $10.00 I bought a vintage scarf from the Met Museum of Art, a sassy pink wig, witches hat, a new in box vintage Beatles puzzle (oh, my!), a hotwheels car set for Cub's buddy downstairs, a gorgeous ivory and evergreen afghan lap blanket, and a brand new "Memoirs of a Geisha" gift set from Fresh* brand.

After that, we did the farmer's market, lunch, and library with my friend and her daughter (who is Cub's age.) They used to go to the same day care together and haven't seen each other since August. They held hands the whole time we were out and about. So cute. It was so, so, nice to hang-out with some good buddies.

With the abundance of squash and apples I bought today, I'm planning two different baked squash recipes for the week and Maya's glorious Apple Gingerbread for breakfast tomorrow.
This evening, I'm listening to this voice and trying to finish-up some WIP's--specifically a Halloween themed newspaper bunting and some fabric embellishments soon to be threaded on a necklaces alongside Kristin's beads.

I can't wait to share everything soon. I'm swimming in a million ideas and that makes me happy, happy, happy! I'm finally feeling at peace with the season and dare I say hopeful?

What's bringing you happiness this weekend?


Jojo said...

Hi Cyndyava!!! I was so happy to get your comments. Work has been a bit overwhelming and as a result, I got so behind on blogging and keeping up with my blog friends. I love this idea and it is just in time for the season. This year I volunteered to teach a CCD class and the girls (yes, so far all girls) asked me today if they would be getting any candy surprises. These look like a fun thing to recycle and fill with candy corn. It sounds like you have been having some wonderful adventures and are enjoying the season. Hoping things settle down for me so that we can work on the post card swap!

MySweetThree said...

I have been out of the loop for a while and I come back to all of this delicious reading! You have been so busy...awesome find with the chalkboard! I feel like I could comment on everything. I will curb my excitement and let it all soak in a bit. You are inspiring with all of your crafty adventures and talent. I stand in awe. I still can't wait to see your creations with your sewing machine! I look forward to being settled, so I can unpack my craftiness, and I mean that has almost all been packed away...I only left a few (or 20) sets of beads to be painted. I will have to spread them out, once I am done, I will be sad..until we move. I have been making handmade envelopes though, I think they look so special..I am using old calendars.. Once again...I go off on a rant...((hugs))