Wednesday, February 18, 2009


While in my all time favorite thrift store on Long Island (Junior League, Roslyn)
Cub squeeled, "Look Mama, a globe! One for my room!"
How could I resist? Since childhood I've had a thing for globes and have many,
but what's one more for the collection? Maybe Cub will start her own now. We've been having a lot of fun learning our geography. I made sure she knows where Paris is, too!

Aprons are a secret love I don't talk about much. Who doesn't love aprons, anyway?
I only collect vintage and I really don't have that many. But the ones I do have are special.
I like to think that I can sense a story within each one. Sometimes it is just the fabric or a certain sweetness I pick up. My apron collecting is what I'd call "intuitive."
This one is waiting to be ironed.
I fell in love with the fabric, of course. Can you guess why?
Those are Blue Roses!
(Ignore my messy craft corner behind the door please.)


J for Jendetta said...

yay globes!!

MySweetThree said...

That is such a sweet apron...And, Yay for Cub and her love of geography...Good for her! I know you are one proud mommy!
(and I tagged you...if you have time for it!)

Kat said...

Great finds!!! The apron just gives me a cheerful feeling.