Friday, February 6, 2009

More In Love With Love

Please indulge my infatuation with everything that is Valentine for one more week or so.
I am just so smitten with these recent finds and I think you will be, too.
Tonight's wine tasting was interesting...A straightforward Italian white, followed by a smooth Malbec, and finished off with a "Greek communion wine," he said.
I ended up wondering off as per usual, just looking at all of the lovely labels, when I spied a bottle of Tomasello Red Raspberry fruit wine. I ended up taking that bottle home after reading how it was "the perfect compliment to chocolate and chocolate desserts." Yup. Sold! You see, I have a plan for next weekend that involves flourless chocolate cupcakes and this wine will be the cherry on top of that sundae.
I am a purist in many ways. (Whatever that means!) But since I am a self-confessed walking contradiction, I find many things much more charming in the form of their artistic imitation; jewelry and flowers for sure...and let's not forget about hair color!
These red ribbon roses take my breath away. I love them as much as I love those newspaper roses...maybe even a bit more. I will be making some of these tomorrow, after a trip to JoAnn's.

I wonder if I am the only one that LOVES melt-a-way mint candies? They are just soooooo good.
I can't believe there is an actual recipe, too! They seem so simple to make. We are going to have so much fun squishing this sweet dough around. Toooo much! Can you tell I am just a little excited to make these? Just looking at the plate of these lovelies makes me smile. Thank-you, Florence. Making things makes me HAPPY!!!
I'm easy like that.

And then there are these yummies. A classic, yes? I know my daughter will go crazy for them. Oh, how she loves her Rice Krispie treats! Joy the Baker knows what she's doing.

(Photo courtesy of Joy.)

I think it's going to be a busy but fun weekend. I'm now off to watch Season One of Battlestar Gallactica, thanks to my friend Adam...and to start making a long-overdue felt needlebook.

Happy Weekend, All!


MySweetThree said...

Those red ribbon roses are sooo pretty...hard to believe made from ribbon! Remind me when the autumn season arrives, (yes, I know, we have some other seasons to get through before then, ha) to send you the link for roses made from fallen leaves. I bet you and Cub pick up your share of leaves...Sadly, we don't really have such a change of season here. There is somewhat, but we definitely don't have the foliage like the Northeast...I will shed a tear about that.
Anyway...I think you would love to make them!
And it sounds like you are about to start a wonderful weekend...I hope you enjoy it!

Susan Sager Brown said...

Melt away mints are the best, and so are chocolate covered crispies! The wine tasting sounds fun, too. My blog friend Sherry makes coffee filter roses that are stunning. Check out her link on my blog, called Got Art? Yours is the only happy Valentine I'm making this year, but I am duplicating it for my BF Grace. I still need you to email me your snail mail. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. xoSusan