Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crafting With Cub

I'm not a big fan of commercialism or Disney for that matter, but I am realistic.
We live in a world where exposure to media and other children is inevitable. Besides, there are many more important things to direct our energies toward!
With that said, what were we left to do on a recent Saturday afternoon, when Cub was so bored she was (literally) climbing the walls? We should have been getting ready for a trip to Long Island, instead we did some crafting for Cub.
Some old wrapping paper sorta jumped out at me and I had an idea:
Disney princesses inside hearts + Doilies = Valentine Banner!

We had a blast! (Always do crafting together.) When the banner was finished, Cub went ahead and cut out 8 more hearts from the wrapping paper and glued them to doilies. She made her very own valentines for her friends at school. Often, once we start a project together she will take off with her own variation. It's so much fun to watch her learn and create.

Tonight, we're making chocolate-dipped rice crispie treats for dessert!


Renee said...

I LOVE that banner! It is amazing. You are soooo creative!

J for Jendetta said...

The garland looks great!! I love seeing when you two craft together, what a great little cub she is!

MySweetThree said...

I never would have thought to create a banner with them! Great idea!

Kat said...

That banner is such a creative idea! By the way Gillian got your postcard a few day ago and was SO excited. Your note was so sweet and made her feel so special. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Jojo said...

Cyndy, I am behind on my reading so I just read about your Grandmother. I hope she is much improved and sorry that it took me so long to send a message.