Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love Cats

I've been on a crocheting kick for two days now. I've made three rosettes, soon to be
hair clips or headbands. Last night, I crocheted for a couple of hours while listening
to The Cure. I haven't sat down and given them some real attention for a while. It made my soul happy just to listen...listen...listen...to the sounds of my past, but still so much a part of me. Sigh.
I'm in the middle of making a really cute choker which I will show-off when finished. I had such a good time last night!!!
Here is part of a project that I may still finish someday. I was making the "Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens" for Cub. I wanted to make the punk-rock version, all tatters and safety pins. No pretty and perfect here. They've got to be freestyle! Anyway, never did find tiny safety pins, and grew tired of looking. Then it was on to a zillion other projects.
So...here is my Love Cat pincushion.

And just because there is noone I know who will appreciate this find, I'll share it here, hoping someone out there can appreciate this goodness.
Again, a Junior League find for Cub....and a whopping ONE DOLLAR!!!!!
Brand new with tags, too.

I didn't even know they made kids clothes.
I can't wait until this fits her.
This is one of my best find EVER.

Happy Tuesday to you.


Kat said...

The cat is so cute. I always love to check out your new creations. Yay for great $1 finds!

Jojo said...

How cute is the cat and your bargain find! Oh how I need to find some time to crochet. What a way to relax.

Second Star to the Right... said...

Oh my gosh...I can totally appreciate that $1 FIND!
That shirt is just the coolest!! I didn't know they made kids stuff either..how funny!
The cat is too cute !!!