Monday, February 2, 2009

Will You Be Our Valentine?

It's my first postcard giveaway!!!!
There are eight homemade valentines waiting to be mailed to you with love
from me and my girl cub.
Postcards are made from scalloped-edge cardstock, acrylic paints, (bubble-wrap and sponge prints), glitter, and doilies...A real hodge-podge!
(They really don't look like spaghetti sauce, either! They are vibrant pinks and reds...I don't know what's up with my camera!)
If you would like one, please drop a note to my email address: with your name and (snail) mail address and we'll send you one!
Happy Monday, All!


Kat said...

Love these! You have certainly been in the valentine spirit. I've been enjoying all your crafty ideas.

MySweetThree said...

Spaghetti sauce! Ha ha...I would love for Allison and Cub to exchange Valentines! We are going to get to it. We have only done a couple for the grandparents so far...they tend to take awhile..Allison loses her focus easily, and when Mom starts to take over...then, I know it is time to stop! Expect one from us, okay? =)

MySweetThree said...

Oh Hey...and if you don't have any left, as I know this was a part of your giveaway...then, obviously don't worry about sending us one..
Just wanted to put that out there, no stress!! =)