Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm loving...
1. The fact that I made an appointment to rejoin my old gym. (Thanks for the inspiration, Kristin!)
2. Teaching and loving (and students loving, too) Arthur Miller's, A View From the Bridge.
3. Finding a friend to to go Philadelphia with us over the vacation to see the Cezanne retrospective at the art museum.
4. Napping in the car for 20 minutes before Cub's class finished. Ahhh.
5. Watching one of my favorite versions of Wind In The Willows (there are so many!)with Cub while simultaneously cooking a healthy version of Chili-Mac Casserole.
6. The fact that I could smell spring in the 59 degree air today!

1 comment:

MySweetThree said...

Glad I could give you a nudge! :)
I have been really enjoying it, let me tell you..I honestly think it does more for me mentally than physically at the moment, but that is a good thing..It seems our life here in Texas is far more busy than it was in North Carolina, which isn't a bad thing..but I just need to clear my head more, and I am finding that at the gym, so that is nice..
I am so glad you can smell the spring...Isn't it lovely??!