Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flower Frenzy

One of the many things I have in common with my grandmother is a love for flowers that borders on obsession. Lately, I have been overcome with a strange desire to make big bunches of the ribbon and paper variety. Last week I bought three rolls of beautiful crossgrain ribbon in shades of red and pink in hopes of making those lovely ribbon roses I posted about.

Maybe it is just me, but they were a bit impossible to make. Yes disappointed, but never defeated. Last night, I scanned one of my new favorite "how to" sources (Youtube) ane learned a much simpler version of the ribbon rose...from what sounded like a six year old!

Thank-you, little girl! By midnight, I was sufficiently satisfied and finally went to bed.
This week, I'm going to master those (Martha) coffee-filter roses and whip-up a big bouquet of
Then I'll bundle them all up and take them to my Grandmother on my next visit to the hospital.

I'm also excited by the many thrift stores that have seemed to sprout-up overnight in my area.
I've been trying to curb how much I buy these days. I will not become a hoarder!
So, I'm mostly focusing on vintage fabrics to craft with. Here are a couple of linen tablecloths that were in pretty good condition. They did have a few stains and some shredding around the edges but that is actually a good thing.
If they were in perfect condition I'd never be able to use them for projects.

Aside from the hayfever, I can't wait for spring this year.

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MySweetThree said...

The flower is lovely...I love you never be defeated attitude..It is priceless.
Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello..we are on to NC in the morning...well, one overnight stop in Tennessee and we will make it to NC on Tuesday..
So, I hope you have a great start to your week...
Take Care!!