Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Her Sweet Resemblance

When my daughter was first born, she looked exactly like her paternal grandmother.
I mean, exactly like her. Everyone thought so...Yes, it was a little scary.
But when I pour over that round moon of a face, the way her eyes tilt up ever so slightly, the roundness of her head, and those cheeks...Those cheeks that literally spilled out onto her shoulders when she was an infant..(They were so edible!!!)
Well, as I told her daddy all the time..."I see Nara."
And I still do.

Compiling these little samples reminded me of how much I love this artist.
His subjects exhibit a curious blend of cool confidence, innocence and
(sometimes more than) just a hint of mischief.

I can't help but see my girl in their little faces...


Jojo said...

Those faces are so precious too. My children are all adults now but when they were young, I used to love to stare at their faces when they were sleeping. Somehow I could see their baby faces when they slept. I always felt I was looking into the face of angels.

Second Star to the Right... said...

WOW oh my gosh Cyndy I can totally see sweet Josette in those Nara works! Something about the character is right on...Only Josette is far more a thing of beauty!!
I'm still trying to create my own character of Giulietta...It's REALLY hard!! Maybe I'm just too much a realist..I try to do a character study and it turns into a portrait..I guess I'll just keep trying!

J for Jendetta said...

love Nara so much, have a bunch posted on my desk for inspiration!!! You are so right, there is certainly some cub in those characters (or vice versa?)-- cutie pie!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Aw, such a sweet post!! You painted such an adorable picture of baby Cub in my head!!! :)