Saturday, March 21, 2009

To Celebrate Spring

My girl and I have already created some of our own rituals and traditions.
One of them involves doing something special together to honor the first day of Spring.
So, off we went into a borough that is very near and dear to my heart...
Park Slope, to be exact.
I have a history with Brooklyn. It is where many of my close friends moved after college.
I moved to Williamsburg in the early 90's and lived there for five years. I worked in Park Slope as a nanny for three years, but hung-out there for about ten all together. It was one of my first real "homes." I will always remember the years that I spent growing-up in Brooklyn.
Of course, it is all very different now, much to my dismay.
But it will never stop being beautiful to me.

Puppetworks is just a great little place. I remember strolling past it many times with the little one I was taking care of back then. How surreal it was to walk inside with my little girl this afternoon!
I have always had a thing for puppets...especially marionettes. To me, it doesn't get more romantic than this. I can just lose myself in their world.
The space is just magic. These beautiful handmade marionettes are all hanging around the perimeter of the room. Gorgeous.

We saw Sleeping Beauty. One of the pupeteers came out to speak to the audience before the show started. He told us that their version is based on a combination of the fairy tale and the ballet; so the music was beautiful. It was all just dreamy.
We both loved it.

Afterwards, we walked around the old neighborhood and had some lunch.
This outdoor flea market has been here forever. My girl was so interested in
all the old things. She really likes to look at everything.
Too bad it is all so unreasonably overpriced.

Happy Spring, Friends.
Here's to the old and the new...


J for Jendetta said...

what a beautiful day!!! you are quite a special mommy!! I have passed by puppet works so many times with a burning I must go!!

I also love the new background!! Cutie owls!

Jojo said...

How nice to have a day to celebrate spring and what a very special thing to do. We have The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta and I take my granddaughters regularly. Following the performance, the center has a craft room and we go and make a puppet for them to take home. It is such a fun activity because we get to see a show and make a take home. There is just something magical about puppetry.