Friday, March 6, 2009

My First Scarf!

The crocheting has been steadily picking-up steam and I am going from one project into another!
I'm having a ball and I'm loving the results.
Meet my very first scarf...

I used this pattern, which was straightforward and easy, great for a beginner like me. It's so nice to know I can make useful and adorable articles of clothing with my own two hands! Cub is excited and keeps asking me if she can try, too.
The colors of my scarf didn't transfer so well photographically. I used a vintage-y looking white yarn with sky blue flecks, another white yarn with opalescent metallic threading, baby pink, and of course, black. I'm going to crochet some little black and pink rosettes and sew them on to both ends later this evening-so it will be extra-pretty!
Last night, I started a set of these useful cotton dish scrubbers. I'm enjoying experimenting with different hooks, yarns, and color combos.
Next, I think I'll try to tackle the sweet Cupcake Pincushion. I've been bookmarking patterns and projects like crazy and cannot wait to share my progress.
It's so nice to feel really passionate about a new craft!
Happy Friday to you!


Second Star to the Right... said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely Miss !!! Ahh your making me miss the days when I made scarves. That is especially pretty I love the different whites and the scattered black. Enjoy your creation and wear it well!!

Jojo said...

Cyndy, Honestly, you must never sleep!!! I am just getting around to my blog reads to see what you have been up to. Love the scarf! As I was reading your post, I realized I have a bunch of yo-yo's that I bought off ebay so that I could make some gifts. I finished the gifts but didn't use all of the yo-yo's. Would you like them? Just email me.