Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quick Fix

I have been quite obsessed with crocheting lately. I now have an assortment of rosettes, headbands, chokers, necklaces...and will soon (if I have my way this evening) make a scarf using four different strands of yarn all at once! So exciting, I know.
That is the reason there hasn't been much baking going on over here lately.
So tonight, I had to think fast to make-up for the less than successful dinner I made.
Dessert had to be good.

Here is our "Yummy Yummy" (named by Cub) Trail Mix-in-a-pinch:
Walnut pieces
Butterscotch Chips

I need to remind myself more often that it's a pretty nifty idea to combine sweet ingredients with some of the healthier variety:

yogurt raisins
dried cranberries
raisins or other plain dried fruit
chocolate, carob, butterscotch or peanut butter chips
nuts of all kinds
m & m's (a personal favorite!)

Any other ideas out there?
Oh, and while I'm on the subject, I've just reserved this book. I'm going to jump on the green smoothie wagon with the rest of 'em. It all sounds so delicious and healthful. Why not rejuvinate and energize along with the upcoming seasons?

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Jojo said...

That just looks yummy to me but I love snacks.

All the crochet rosettes will come in handy the older Cub gets. My sister has a 10 year old and she bought felt in bold colors and made all sorts of embellishments that she added to Target and Wal-Mart clothing until about a year ago. Now my niece is 10 and she has a lot of say so about what she will wear and the decorations do suit her much anymore.