Friday, March 13, 2009

The Process

I. Beginning
While cruising the creepy looking Sale area in the corner of JoAnn's, I stumbled upon these sweet fabrics. Between the 25% reduction in price and a 40% coupon, three yards of fabric cost me $6.50.
The tractor fabric is going to be a summer dress - a personal request made by my girl Cub while we were on line.

II. Middle
I didn't put my crochet hook down for as long as I thought I would. I'm back in action with several wips. Here is a glimpse of a new soon-to-be washcloth to match our bathroom. The hook broke two nights ago, so I gave myself permission to dig into my new scrumptious "Buttercream" yarn. Although I still feel a tad bitter about overpaying in a local yarn boutique, the fact that I can't stop looking at (and touching) this future vintage-style scarflet makes it worth its double digit price tag!

III. End (Product)

Cub brought home this cup with soil in it at the beginning of the school year. It was promptly placed on the windowsill and watered with the rest of our much-loved house plants. Recently, I became saddened because it became dry and extremely limp. I thought it was over, but I kept it on watering it and turning it and loving it anyway. I didn't have the heart to get rid of it. A few nights ago, Cub was over by the plants and I heard her say, "Look, Mama! A Pepper!" She slowly carried the plant over to me and we both just looked in total disbelief. We touched it and smelled it. "Yeah, it's a pepper, Honey!"

Wow. I felt so humbled by this interesting miracle. So quiet and so bold, at the same time.
Little plant, when did you grow that chili pepper?
You almost had me fooled.
And then Cub picked it and we split it in half
and ate it. Of course, she ran screaming for the water a few seconds later!
Oh, Life in all your glorious stages...


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I read that post twice, it was so sweet. I soo enjoy reading about your process.. with crafting, Cub, and other things...It has just been and is such a joy to me. Thank you for that.

Life in all of your glorious stages, I love you. I think I will lay my head down to sleep tonight, chanting that.

And YES I am for it... Let's do a 2 ACEO swap. I have some ideas brewin'!! Yay!

Kat said...

That tractor fabric will make the cutest dress. I love the sweet surprise of the pepper. I glad you didn't give up when it looked all dried out.