Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scents For My Grown-up Self...

Just couldn't help myself today.
I needed to round-up the culprits that are responsible for my recent love-affair
with certain scents. All are inspired and/or derived from the natural world. At least I'm true to my essential oil wearing self!
I am also enjoying how my senses seem to be re-awakening with the onset of spring!

I now understand why I may find this one so appealing after reading this review (written by one of my favorite scent bloggers)which explains how, "Prada is a modern take on essential oils."
It has heavy amber base notes, which I love.

Then there is Anya's Garden, which is in a class by itself. Anya is a natural perfumer from Florida. She cultivates many of the herbs and flowers she uses in each of her scents.
Oh, what I would give to be able to attend one of her workshops!
is one of the most mysteriously sensual perfumes I've ever worn.
It's difficult to put into words because it is from another world entirely.
This one I enjoy from late spring throughout the summer.
If I had a lot more money to spend on the finer things in life, I'd buy most of Dr. Hauschka's line of all natural health and beauty products. They really are that good.
They are almost entirely all-natural, luxurious and smell heavenly.
The body oils are well-worth the money, especially the Blackthorn.
I'm pretty much over making my own deoderant and fighting to get it out of the jar each morning.
It was an easy break-up after discovering this.

I realize I sound like a walking advertisement for these products, but I get excited about things like this. I figure someone else just might appreciate these little beauties, too!
Which scents are making you happy these days?


Jojo said...

Don't you wish we could "scratch and sniff" on the web. I would love to smell Fairchild!

Susan Sager Brown said...

C, have you discovered Jo Malone fragrence yet??? There is a store in NYC. The lime basil is to die for, I bought a set of 8 little fragrences and dole them out to myself VERY sparingly! Also I'm in love with Bond's Little Italy.The scents are named after different boroughs of NYC. Orange bottle and it smells just like oranges. Oranges with EDGE!! Scrumptious. xoSusan