Sunday, January 17, 2010

Clothing Recon #'s 3 & 4 and an Upcycle by Cub

I've been having so much fun reconstructing tee-shirts lately.
Yesterday, I purchased lots of shirts at the thrift mart. Many dkny with all that well-made jersey- I can't wait to make: tunics, scarves, t-yarn, dresses, knickers, and more.
I even found a dress I'm going to dare to reconstruct. (dkny organic line. Whoa!)
Thanks to all the crafty ladies out there for making those inspiring youtube tutorials I've been devouring!
Here is a simple shirt I dolled-up yesterday...just cuts and ribbon. I sewed the bows down for extra security.

And this shawl/capelet/belt whatever is much cuter in person, I promise.
It was a rush-job in the wee hours...after watching and crying a lot about Haiti.
I still have to trim-up those strays and stretch it a bit more, but it looks very cute over a camisole. Not Batwoman or Goth, really!
Whitney is my new hero. Love her.
I will make another one of these. Emerald Green or Ivory.
And I'll take my time to make it all even and pretty.
On the topic of my latest favorite obsession, I was touched and inspired by this talented woman's post today. Yes, it is so much better for the planet to make do with what we have...And that dress is adorable!
I am so ready to buy less and make more. Glad so many of us are on the same page here.

And here is Cub's very own creation...A headband made of the yarn Mama accidently left behind on the floor and a gift bow.
She makes me so proud...following the crafty-footsteps. I love it.

PS: Check-out big girls new earrings. She got them pierced this week. A coming-of-age for sure. I've been reading a lot about turning six. It's a magical transition from 5-6. Children are said to leave their "heavenly"bodies and ground themselves in their "earthly" ones. (sniff, sniff) That makes me just a wee bit sad for some reason. I can really see this transition, too and it is miraculous, to say the least. What an honor and blessing to be a parent, sharing and observing the daily growth, development, and all the love she gives to the world and to her Mama.

Maybe that dream of the Mother-Daughter craft shop/studio/school
will really come true one day...

Peaceful Sunday, Everyone.


J for Jendetta said...

amazingly beautiful in so many ways!! little cub is so lucky!! you keep on rockin girl! love you!

April said...

Thanks so much for the super sweet comment! I love that gift bow headband, I'm thinking it might serve as inspiration for me one of these days... :)