Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Latest Obsession: Discontinued Yarn

It all started when I fell in love with this Caron shrug pattern.
I know one of the reasons I love it so much is the yarn and that d-ring. Cool, yes?
Oh, then the yarn name, "Black Magic." Ohhhhh. Interesting.
A very short search revealed that sadly, this yarn was discontinued.
Hmmmm. I never thought about that before!

Just look at this yarn! What can I say? I love it! If I were a yarn, I think I would be this one!
I'm a sucker for a 70's color palette...and then that whisper of metallic yarn running throughout.
That sealed the deal for me.
So off to ebay I went in search of my Black Magic.
Sadly, I don't think anyone has four skeins of any of it.
Well, maybe one seller. But I'm still waiting to hear from her.
Oh, the things I could make with this.
I have so many ideas. Too many!

Here is one purse I am cuckoo over. I MUST...I WILL make this for myself...After I get my hands on some more of this, that is!
(Am I the only one out there that gets really excited about things like this?!)

While up late cruising around for discontinued yarn, I ran into this absolutely adorable capelet...
Coats and Clark...I'll never sleep again with all of those yummy patterns!
I think last night I copied at least fifteen free pattern numbers into my project log.
Looks like I'll be wonderfully busy for a while.

Anyway, the saga continues 'cuz the yarn used for this creation is also...
Moda Dea Cache in Rave...Where are you? Back to ebay.
Turns out this is a bit easier to find. At least Moda Dea lists all of their discontinued yarn on their site...Wow. I wish I had a ton of money to buy up all of these chunky, bright yarns, with their metallic threads and retro-flavor!
Love Moda Dea yarn.
I guess now I know I have a "type" because these two have a lot in common!
See for yourself. Sigh...

So, yeah. I've been up later than I should the past few nights.
I've bought lots of discontinued funky yarn.
I'm happy! Excited! Can't wait to make stuff!
And now I'm tired.
Thanks for letting me share.

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TheSpottedMonkey said...

I do have a lot of moda dea cache yarn in that color and others. Unfortunately, it is in storage 50 miles away and I have no way to get there any time soon. I saw that same Caron shrug. I still have the pattern. On there is one without the O-ring (don't get a D-ring) made with Lion Boucle. Another one using Bernat Bling Bling. If anyone wants a fantastic site for buying discontinued yarns from 99 cents, go to