Friday, January 8, 2010

Project 6- Here I Come!

Photo courtesy of Craft Hope
My heart was filled to the brim tonight after opening the recent Craft Hope post and learning that Project 6 is finally underway.
I found Craft Hope over the summer and was so happy to find that someone is actually organizing the craft community to help those in need- all over the world, too!
What a brilliant, loving and kind idea.
Jade Sims, you are an angel!
This next project is especially near and dear to my heart as the scarves will be sent all over the country to thousands of teens in foster care.
What a great feeling to know that something I make will be sent to someone I've never met...and that my scarf will help to keep them warm.
What a nice way to reach out to someone.
I can't wait to find the perfect unisex crochet pattern. That should be easy.
Funny, because earlier tonight, I bought a big skein of one of my favorites...Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn in red!
The deadline is February 14th, how appropriate!
So, I think I'll add this to my Crafty-To-Do-List for the weekend (More realistically like the coming weeks!) :
1. Finish the no-sew blanket for my sweet friends.
2. Complete that sock monkey I started a few nights ago!
3. Darn that last pair of booties and complete an overdue ornament.
4. Work on the crochet Kingston Hat I also began this week.
5. More Finger Knitting! I have so many ideas and I am in love with this at the moment!
6. Oh, yes. Make some more t-yarn to finger-knit with. I think it would be perfect.
7. Work on embellishing that retro-style photo frame I've been thinking about.
8. Headbands and more headbands!
9. More 3-D religious inspired the future.
10. Tee-shirt reconstructions. I watched at least an hour of them last night!
11. Sew a zipper into my green crochet pouch.
12. Start and finish Cubs "Princess and the Frog" themed pillow-case!
Can you tell I've had crafting-mania lately?
Yes, it is true...but blissful. I'm loving it...So inspired and having so much fun!
Happy Friday Evening to you...
May your weekend be filled with joy and blessings.