Monday, January 25, 2010

Staten Island Years: Broken Bits and Pieces

Photo taken by my new favorite (French) photographer, Cedric Bihr.

So happy to have accidentally found this wonderful photographer tonight in my bloggy travels.

I wish I could remember exactly how I found him, but you know how it is once you fall down the rabbit hole of blogs and links! Anyway, I think I am going to write to him, asking his permission to use the photo for this particular section of my "book." (Yes, I'm using the term loosely).

It's just too perfect, with that ferry trudging ominously into the distance from the "Manhattan" side. With that, I thought I'd share some of the entries I've written for the chapter.


He gave the stray food,

She was deathly allergic.

Mom made them keep it.


Windows front and back

Wood floors lead from room to room

This is where we died.


Auto mechanic,

Artist, antique-store owner

All of them, but you.

Perhaps a bit on the dark side. But oh, so much fun to write and like I said a few posts ago,

wonderfully healing and therapeutic. Each chapter is another "milestone" section of my life.

I am loving this ongoing writing project.

Blessings for your week, All. xoxo

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Jojo said...

The photo captures what it looked liked here last weekend. The weather dictated "pajama days." When it looks like that outside, I just want to curl up in my pjs with a blanket and a book.