Friday, January 1, 2010

Must Make and Do In 2010 (The Abbreviated Version!)

Happy New Year, All.
I can't help but look ahead to just a few things I'm going for in the upcoming year.
Here is a sampling from my larger list of simple goals:

1) A weekend visit to this ashram with my daughter.
Very soon.

2) A New Abode...Destination Unknown.
This is going to be ours someday (in Paris)!
Ha, ha...Why not dream big?
Thanks, (now defunct) Domino magazine for the lovely inspiration.

3)Continuing my love affair with CROCHET and making lots of
vintage-inspired coin purses and clutches, like the one below and this cutie.

4)To eventually join Wardrobe Refashion and begin with a 2-month pledge.
Hey, I have to start somewhere!

5) And when I am in the throws of my 2-month pledge...
I'm going to make this dress with all of those ties I've been collecting.
I luuuuuv this dress!

6) More prayer, yoga, meditation and overall focus on healthy living.
Here's to a magical and blessed year ahead.


April said...

that is possibly the best tie dress i've ever seen.

and i'll look out for you on wardrobe refashion! :)

Jojo said...

Hi Cyndy! Thank you for your sweet note! I have missed you too. It is going to take me months to catch up on blog reading but this cold weather is the perfect time for reading so I'm jumping in. I hate that I missed all the of the crafting, baking and decorating posts before Christmas so at the very least I will have to read all of Oct., Nov. and Dec. Happy New Year to you too!!!

J for Jendetta said...

very awesome and inspiring!!!

The Titan of Myth said...

That makes me want to make a die dress. Not for me, just in general.