Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tag. I'm it!

I was tagged the other day by the most adorable April and so I'll play along, have some fun, and share some more...
7 Things I Love Lately~
1. My Daughter's Artwork, Writing, and Crafting
My girl is just blossoming in the art department lately. Some of her recent creations include a birdseye view of her classroom (from above!), her own town complete with parks, a store, houses, a road, and a school. She just handed me her, "very own paper chicken!"
Two days ago she turned a pudding cup into a holder for her "smencils."
Can you tell how proud I am of her?
2. God (When I asked my daughter what I love lately...She said, "People," then "God." So, God, it is!)
When we can't get to church, I listen to podcasts of sermons online.
I try to start our day with some type of inspirational music.
Me and my daughter pray and sing together each night before she goes to sleep. Later, I work on bible study (right now its the 30 Proverbs in 30 days), prayer, meditation, reading and/or journaling.
If nothing else...I never forget to say "thank-you," for the beautiful life He has given me.
3. Sewing!
I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't love sewing. However, I have been sewing-obsessed.
I have started a small notebook that I carry around with me, just for sewing/crafting ideas now.
I am IN LOVE with reconstructing our old clothes and (too)many thrift-shop finds.
I feel so refreshed and renewed while sitting at my machine these days. It is wonderful.
4. All of our January get-togethers and gatherings
Lots of birthday parties, school gatherings, re-unions, family dinners, and time spent with friends both old and new.
Not to mention Cub's upcoming play, "Bye, Bye, Birdie."
January has been oh, so busy...but so much fun.
5. Conan O'Brien-
Who said recently,
"If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen to you."
In a world that seems all too controlled by the Media Machine,
you stood bravely for what you believed was right.
My Man, I've always liked you...but now I respect you, too.
6. Nail Polish
I was off the nail polish for a while...After so many years of being crazed with it.
I think at one point, while living in nyc, I had at least one shoebox full in my fridge.
Well, I've rediscovered it and the darker the color, the better.
My current favorite brand is NYC - affordable, good quality, and fun colors- all named after nyc neighborhoods. Today, I bought a really cool blue-black called, "West Village." Love.
7. My Autobiographical Haiku Art Book Project
I have been searching so long for the appropriate written medium-
for the most comfortable way to pen fragments of my memoir, of sorts.
There are several sections and then sub-sections.
There are photos and collages that I have been working on as well.
My current section: "Staten Island Years: Broken bits and pieces."
This has been a miraculous and enormous release for me.
Don't know where it will end, but the creative journey is wonderfully healing.
Wow! Looking back over these seven things...I realize there could easily be 7 more.
(Silly, trivial things, too: Dunkin' Donuts hot chocolate, the music of the gorgeous Goldfrapp, rediscovering board games- again, my crock-pot...and the not so trivial...being in love, thinking about adopting, and my amazing family whom I love and appreciate more and more each day!)
There are so many things, people, and activities that I simply adore.
Yup, I LOVE life and living and everything that goes along with it.
I am blessed!

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