Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Heart Saturday Morning

Weekend plans may have to be put on hold until this Mama feels better.
Under the weather, but here are some things around the house that are bringing me joy this morning.
Aside from listening to lots of Melanie...
A beautiful gourd we found in Long Island this fall. The stem grew like that long after we brought it home. It reminds me of a pretty pear. Me and my girl both love this a lot.
So simple and unique in its perfection.

Macro-shots of new yarn for a few fun projects make my heart race just a little.

And this has been making me the HAPPIEST of all.
My girl has really taken off with her writing!
She did this completely unassisted.
It was a surprise for me last night...A follow-up to the paper heart she left in my room the day before.

My Girl, you are Mama's beating heart.
I am so proud of you!

Enjoy your Saturday, Friends.


Jojo said...

A precious ending! Hope you feel better soon.

J for Jendetta said...

this made me want to cry!