Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Whole Lotta Craftin' Goin' On...

Since the coming of the new year, I have been in creative overdrive and it has been wonderful!
Lots of looong crochet scarves. Well, the pink/black one on the left and the orange/pom-pom scarf were both fingerknitted. The white one is a long popcorn chain scarf. It looks pretty cute as a belt, too! I'm going to attach some crochet-rosettes to the "mint ice" one below.

Another shrug made from an Old Navy t-shirt I had not worn in over eight years!
Yay, for clothing reincarnation! :)
I am pretty happy with this one and am planning on wearing it real soon under a bulky black sweater. It was made from one of my many thrifted XL tees.
The little appliques on the front are iron-on peacock feathers.

...And here is the refashion I am most proud of at the moment.
Remember this old hoodie of mine that I cut-up last week?
Well, it has been given quite the "face-lift" and now belongs to
the best little girl in the whole wide world.

I attached a pink hoodie from a sweatshirt she outgrew.
I kept it sleeveless but she really wanted to wear the black turtleneck today...not the pink one Mama picked out.
I sewed this cool multi-colored rick-rack down the sides of the zipper and at the top of the pockets for accent. I attached a vintage heart charm dangling from a polka-dot ribbon to the zipper pull...and that's it!

Oh, yeah- I made a couple of super-cute bow headbands for her using Elsie's adorable
bow tutorial.
This one just happens to match perfectly.
She wore her new "dress" proudly today.
It gives me so much joy to know that she is wearing something I made just for her.
My little one, I would make a quilt out of the world
and give it to you, if I could.

Hope you are enjoying your week.

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