Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teatro de Mexico

I wanted to add a photo to this post and maybe I will... tomorrow.

I came upstairs on the later side this evening. Little Girl should have been in bed already,
but the school year's coming to an end and the light outside at 8:15pm doesn't help any.

All bets are off when it comes to the target 8pm bedtime lately. It's okay. She's such a sweetheart
and only gets a little grumpy once in a blue moon.

Tonight, she had set up the Teatro de Mexico on the floor in my room...the one her paternal grandmother gave her as a gift for one of the holidays. She was a little young at the time to fully enjoy it, but I put it aside in our art cabinet because I knew one day she would love it.

She had the three room/backdrops set up and all of the paper dolls posed in each "room." She was
playing on the floor with the dolls when I came up. She just looked so innocent and content. I didn't
like enforcing the bedtime but I know she is tired and so am I.

The new interest in the theater is sparked by a favorite "Monster High" doll who is fashioned
after a Day of the Dead sugar skull design, but I'm still glad she is finally playing with it and enjoying it.

The quiet playing in the evening hours is something I will miss as she grows up.

My Girl, you have given me so many sacred gifts...gifts that only I have been blessed to witness. Organically, spontaneously, you live and express, you love and share, and imagine and create. You have given me so many precious moments that could never be put into words. They are simple and they are so special to me.

They are born from you joyously living your life...your life with me...our life together.

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