Friday, May 31, 2013

Bonjour, Juin!

This photo was taken last June when we went to spend the day at my beautiful SIL's 
beautiful Mama's house. Her and her partner's house is set in the most tranquil, luxurious 
community; surrounded by gardens and yes, they have a lovely pool.

Last summer, my Willow gained so much confidence in the water! 
She is all ready for her formal lessons this summer, too.

Last summer was the summer I dubbed, "Our Summer of Love," because that is 
truly what it was. It was the BEST summer in so many incredible ways:
We loved, we grew, we traveled, we rested, we explored, we played and created A LOT.
We sang a lot of kirtan and we played a lot of musical instruments while we were at it.

This June we will be kicking off our summer with a calendar that is already packed with Sunshine:
My Willow will be getting an award and honored at a very special brunch this weekend! 
I could not be more proud of her!

My precious Grandmother's birthday...such a blessing. 

Wonderlust Yoga in the City! Whoo Hoo! Can not wait to join in the 
L.O.V.E. with so many other yogis!

Birthdays and more birthday parties to attend & celebrate.

A very special concert to attend with my dear brother.

Finally attending Smorgasbord with my love. And more time together at Ganesha Temple, Oneness Fountain, our secret art museum & biking in the North Fork together.

Kundalini! Looking forward to so much more time to attend the center, practice, learn,
meditate and to ELEVATE!

Swimming holes that we discovered and are ready to explore further in our magical place
in the woods.

I have a feeling this summer we are going to continue to grow all of the 
seeds of the body, heart, and soul that we planted and cultivated
& cared for 
last summer.

Summer of Love Deux
here we come. 


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