Monday, May 13, 2013

No Recipes Required

I'm so happy today's temperature allows for a soup-making day for us. Monday nights can be busy. It's the night I post the weekly homework for all of my students. Later in the evening, there are other weekly obligations to fulfill. It is a cool, breezy day outside where long-sleeves and sweatshirts were required. I set out to start preparing dinner in the kitchen and instinctively grabbed our large workhorse of a pot and was making soup before I knew it. Throw in some oil, chop some onion, throw it in, carrot next, kale, cabbage, some frozen mixed veggies, some dried lentils and wild rice...Stir, stir, stir. Add some spices and add the veggie broth and wine...Stir, stir some more. Chop and add fresh parsley. Now it's bubbling away on our stove top and the house smells heavenly. Little girl asked for some organic nuggets till soup's ready because the smell is making her hungry! Can't say I can blame her.

I've realized in the past few weeks that I can pretty much make delicious soups, stews, and cookies without recipes. I feel like shouting, "Look Ma, no hands!" It's a pretty great feeling to know that I am only referring to cookbooks or online recipes these days when I'm in need of creative inspiration or some flavor/ingredient compatibility. Really loving vegetarian dishes now that the weather is warming up. On my list of restaurants in the city to visit: Caravan of Dreams (for the umpteenth time!), Pongal (Great veggie-Indian), & Alta. In Queens right next to my beloved Ganesha Temple...there is Sri Chimnoy's delicious and delightful Oneness Fountain Heart Cafe that I am yearning to revisit.

In more food related news, I'm looking forward to the return of our local farmer's market this week and with the new juicer for my birthday, I'm excited about smoothies and green juices in the very near future.

Any culinary delights to share?

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