Saturday, May 11, 2013

There Is A Season...


Waiting for someone to die is not easy.
It lays there dormant inside your mind and heart but comes out in strange ways.
Somewhere I hit the pause button. 
It has effected sleep and effected future planning. 
Fear slips in unexpectedly and builds a nest within while I sleep. 

The co-sleeping has quelled it a bit. 
When I wake up, I role over and see your sleepy shadow
and I drift back into the lead-like dreams.
They are neither good or bad. 
They are just what they are.

Hearing someone's strong voice weaken and breathless
is a sound that frightens me.
I have never been good or graceful in this area.
I want to be.
I've been praying for strength.
I have been reminding myself that I practice.
Sat Nam.
Om Tat Sat.

All is Truth.
We are Eternal.
There is nothing to fear.

All of Life is Love.
All of Life is Beautiful.

Waiting for someone to die is not living 
in God's grace and knowing 

Today, I will try to live
& breathe
my practice.

Today, Lord
help me not to slip and forget 
your Truth.

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