Thursday, May 16, 2013


It was a kick-off my shoes, feel the cool grass on my bare feet kinda day.
Today I celebrated myself. 
It was an average day...only with sprinkles on top. 
It was my kind of day, just the way I like it.
Woke up bright and early. Saw the sun come up.
Drank a glass of my favorite juice.
Crawled back in bed and dozed off for a little bit.
Woke up my girl when the familiar song of the alarm rang once again, softly.
"Happy Birthday, Mommy." 
She never forgets. It's always the first words out of her mouth: 
Merry Christmas.HappyValentine'sDay.HappyEaster.
Whatever Holiday. Whatever Special Day...
My sweet, sweet, girl knows. She always knows.
Always give love. 

Saw him bright and early. 
Listened to some music.
Walked to work and enjoyed all the 
Happy Birthday Miss's.
The singing...the smiles. 
Love those kiddos. 

Later, after a good day's work...
meditation...always meditation. 
Free-floating joy suspended on the thick, airy 
clouds of my comforter.
Get up.
Dress up.
Meet up.
Favorite Indian Spot.
Comic Books.
Cranberry Candles.
Living. All rolled into one
E X H A L E!

Topping it all off cuddling on the couch watching 
season finales while she sleeps in her bed,
the one she jumped into way too late.
Hope she passes those tests tomorrow.
There wasn't too much studying.

There was a whole lot of living and celebrating.
My day. 
It was perfect.

Thank you, Heavenly Father.
Praise God.

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