Thursday, August 21, 2008

Goodnight, Summer

I've been obsessed with paper more than usual lately. If it's recycled paper, oh my...look out!
Right after reading an Instructables tutorial on how to create elegant gift boxes from old cereal boxes, I flipped. I knew I was saving all of those cereal boxes for something magical.
I whipped this one up, my first, in about 15 minutes. Gotta love a quick project.

I never buy wrapping paper and I'm always looking for new ways to package gifts. For the holidays last year, I made small boxes (for my wee gifts) out of the boxes from a famous brand of stuffing! Sometimes I use pieces of fabric, sheets, pillowcases, plastic bags, whatever I can grab. I aways save tissue paper from gifts I receive and use it for a quick wrap.

This summer, I started putting these little pipe cleaner creations on top of my packages.

Like mother, like daughter. Look who made an Olympic gymnast in camp yesterday! Isn't this a brilliant little project? (Good one, Miss Toni Ann!)

Today, I made a list of all the paper crafts I want to make. It's called my "Someday" list.

Paper Beads (Must!), Dollhouse made out of shoeboxes for Cub, dollhouse furniture made out of cardboard, Mexican inspired paper mache bowls, POIC's (I'm still learning about this one...), paper dolls and their clothes constructed out of the crazy amount of catologues I recieve!

I saw this photo before I took it, while exiting tonight's concert in the park. I thought it looked a bit surreal, like an ice-cream UFO or something out of a David Lynch movie. Looking at it again, I'd title it, "Goodnight, Summer."


MySweetThree said...

What a fantastic tutorial..thanks for posting that. I have a lot of empty cereal boxes. I also have a lot of empty baby food jars which I can't bare to throw away..but haven't found a great idea for them yet. And I see that paper beads is on your list of what you want to may be talking about the rolled paper beads (I don't make those) but I do make paper mache beads...which is really fun and you might enjoy it. (I am sorry for this long post..I tend to ramble) Take Care!

Renee said...

I love paper! I always created little goodies out of it. I try to recycle as much of it as I can as an art teacher - it's very easy to waste!

lissilulu said...

I am going to revisit this post this winter when the rains set in here on the West Coast. Lot's of great stuff to get inspiration from. :o)
Just read your comment on my blog, thanks for the compliment on my Giddy Up skirts and I will get a post up about some of the Gluten free alternatives we use; although, we haven't "crossed over" completely. :o)
Have a GREAT weekend!

Jojo said...

Cindyava I loved your list of things that make you happy and I especially loved your sharing how you love to see your daughter sleeping. Your posting reminded me of how when your children sleep you can still see remnants of the precious infant. What a nice thing to be reminded of.

I was glad to see your posting about creative wrapping. I have 2 wedding presents in need of gift wrap. I will look around the house to see what might be waiting to be repurposed.

karmabutton said...

hmm... i know I commented, yet it isn't here!! This is a great tutorial!! thank you! I save my cereal boxes too, sometimes I make magazine holders or just use the cardstock, so this will be a great new use! xoxo p.s. cut off all of my hair!! haha

DarkerShadeOfLight said...

Ugh my god did I fall behind on my reading haha. Just love all the crafts you've made. I saw the video you posted while scrolling down to this post. I liked it. Verry cute and mellow sounding. Glad you know how to post them now. Well, moving along to your other posts. XOXO