Monday, August 4, 2008

Long Island

I've returned from our little trip more exhausted than before I left. How is that possible, you ask? I think it has something to do with "vacationing' with your offspring. But this trip was so special, it's okay. I'm even staying-up later than I should to catch-up on the writing/crafty thing.
So, this is one of my "from the road" photos. I've always been kinda ga-ga for these shots. It was taken at sunset along the LIE, just as we were approaching the last leg of our trip. Windows were open and Zero 7 provided the soundtrack. It was a great vibe. We were following my aunt who has a house out on eastern Long Island. If I say it's in Westhampton Beach, people will get the wrong idea. Their house is deep in a not too densely wooded area. Their backyard borders a wetlands preserve along the bay, so that sacred space envelopes their home and anyone who happens to be there.

My family celebrated two birthdays in the span of five days. My grandpa turned 93 on July 31. Anyone who knows my family, knows how miraculous this was for us. "We made it, Dad," my aunt said to him after he blew out his candle. Bless you, my sweet Grandpa.
She celebrated hers today. I didn't think we needed a shot of two cakes here. But her cake was a deep chocolate mousse. Best part was, the person who decorated it drew two elegant yellow daisies on it. A lovely cake for a lovely lady.

During our first morning walk, I found this tree. I wish I had thought of some nifty guerilla-art to fill these frames. I hope they are still there next time we visit.

You're looking at what was supposed to be my house. A few months ago, we were walking and went to the open house just for fun. I fell in love with it. It's very close to my aunt's house and faces the ocean. There are ocean views from the top of the house which is one large open loft space. Hello, office-craft-sewing studio! The side yard and back yard were large enough for our pool and gardens. It was so old and charming and sweet with just that slight tinge of scariness that I find so appealing. Cub loved it, too. Of course, I never really had a shot at it, it was just another one of my many house fantasies. But I really did picture us living there and still feel kinda sad that I may never own a house, especially one like this. At least they painted the door yellow.

Besides birthdays and walks, there were lots of the following: eating, swimming, sunning, thrifting, talking, and just enjoying each other's company. This is the first time in a while most of the family was together. We missed you, Grandma and Grandpa. This was probably more of my actual vacation. Three hours lounging while Cub was at Cooking camp. I read a craft book for kids which sparked my passion for garlands. I'm in the middle of making this one for Cub's birthday party this Saturday. I'm going to whip up some paper ones, too. I am in the middle of so many little projects, it's ridiculous. The goofy punk-puppy paper puppet needs brads, the paper bag album need many embellishments, and then there are my very first ATC's to share. Promise not to laugh!

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