Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On this day...

My day started in chaos after a young woman who was supposed to buy our old car seat, kept me waiting two hours. I went back and forth between being really mad, trying to understand and be patient, before deciding that nothing was going to make me miss out on a second of this day. At the last minute, I cancelled plans to meet friends and headed to our special place.
I had it in my mind all along that we would spend this last day of my vacation at our favorite spot. We had a picnic lunch, played hide-and-seek, collected rocks for painting tonight, talked a lot, watched a short film on Alice Austen's life, and just enjoyed being together. I even signed-up to begin doing some volunteer work for the museum. (In all my spare time!)
My girl told me today, "Mama, you will always be with me. You will be in my heart."
I will replay those words at least one hundred times tomorrow.
My Girl, Mama wants to thank you for a beautiful summer. It didn't go exactly as we had originally planned, but it worked out better than I ever could have imagined. We were blessed with spending each day together, doing the simple things we both love the most. I am so sad to see it go, but we have another wonderful season approaching, and so much more to share.

Besides cooking when I'm stressed or sad, I tend to clean, pray a bit more than usual, stay up really late, with Sculpey. Cub's dad and I started this when we first began dating. I made him all sorts of little animals and would paint them with nail polish.
Anyway, I unearthed some Sculpey a few nights ago and decided to make a necklace or brooch for Cub to wear when she starts school next week.
The "chocolate pretzel" became a necklace that she wore to the doctor for her back-to-school visit (and shots). She did so well. The rest are now living on our fridge as magnets. I'm so proud of my little apple and acorn! I know, I'm pathetic...

Kristin, here are the first paper beads I began rolling. They are very therapeutic to make. I shot them on Macro, just because. I have been making these like crazy and have advanced from supermarket circulars and fashion mags to Chinese take-out menus, old wallpaper, and more foreign language newspapers. I bought all kinds of wire, beads, and findings to begin playing around with jewelry-making.

I have all but abandoned my poor etsy shop, but a few days ago I posted two things just to warm it up. I sold another bluebird snow globe. Yay. Thank's Muse Lily. Below are some more things that will go in my shop soon: One of my Back to School notebooks, a Birthday Girl snow-globe, and the Butter Bee Stationery complete with yellow flower seals. The little package is my thank-you gift to Lily.

And to show you the "other side" of the island that is Staten, in all it's glory...
Here is a totally random photo I took yesterday as I approached THE MALL. I can't be the only one who thinks this is b-i-z-a-r-r-e!
Thanks to everyone who has sent me supportive energy over the last few days. I do believe thoughts and wishes are things and that they do reach their destination.
So, thanks and keep the good vibes comin'! They are so needed and appreciated.


MySweetThree said...

Aww...Melt my heart..what your little girl said to you. And How true it will always remain. Those are your first paper beads? My, my, my...your talent is just innate. I tried one time with them, they weren't my was frustrating, but not the fun kind. The brown ones look painted even...but surely that is just the paper? And those sculptey creations are wonderful..another talent I don't possess. ha ha. I could comment on your blog all day I will stick a fork in it. =)

Jojo said...

I am so behind on my blog reading and I've missed it! You've added so much considering the start of school. I am going to be up late tonight for sure.

I can't believe the paper beads you have made. My mom and her friends used to make the exact same beads out of old magazines when she was a teenager. She still has one of the necklaces and earrings that they made. I have always loved them. Beautiful and a memory for me.