Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Special Place

I'm going to take you to
My special place
It's a place no amount of hurt or anger
Can deface
I put things back together there
It all falls right in place
In my special place
My special place
-Joni Mitchell
I am a person who has always needed a special place. As a child living with my parents, my special place was a nook alongside the stereo consol, where I could play by myself and enjoy the sounds of my mother's Motown records as she cleaned the house. After we moved to Grandma's, my spaces included a crab apple tree in the front yard, the niche between our yard and that of our neighbors, a corner of my room. I found comfort just sitting on our front stoop at night during my teenage years. Strangely enough, when I moved to Manhattan, I found a special place in the World Trade Center mall that was located underneath the towers. I never really told anyone about this. I mean, you have all of NYC to find solitude and you go to the World Trade Center mall? But I think a part of me was trying to find the familiar in an place that at that time, was vastly unfamiliar. Growing up in Long Island, I was used to the mall thing. Also, there seemed to be none of the usual NYC attitude down there. It felt low-key, a bit like you left town.
This past week, I have found an unexpected oasis in the middle of some "life turbulance."
While Cub is in cooking camp from 1-4pm, I sit under a canopy of trees on my favorite comfy sheet and I just simply exist. I didn't set out to find a special place, but I have and it feels like I have reclaimed a little piece of me the past few days.
Do you have a special place?


DarkerShadeOfLight said...
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DarkerShadeOfLight said...

I love this! was going to make a post and title it, in relpy to my special place. But then I figured I could just fit what I had to say in here. When my mom and me got a new apartment, and my 'special place' had been in the corner of the living room where I would listen to the radio and sing along to all the songs I knew and desperately tried to catch every liked song on the radio on a tape
Then cds started to get popular, and then my mom and at the time her boyfriend and I were moving to a different place where his kids can come with us and I had to share my room with them. Same year my uncle brought me my own bbom box to play my tapes and cds on. And because my moms boyfriends daughters wanted to watch disney stuff with all that music and movie stuff that I cant stand, I would take my boombox into the corner of my moms room and listen,record and everything just like before. I'd put my earphones on and feel like I was floating away from it all. Even now after all that has happened, I have a nicer boom box now that I use as well as my music program on my laptop, both which are located towards the corner of my room. I have speakers as well so I can plug them into the laptop. And when I go out I have a special place, which is the alice austin in z very specific area of it. Just go with my MP3 player and get lost in the music.

l.m. glam said...

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