Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

Well, the birthday went well. It was a clear, sunny, day. She didn't want to be indoors and we couldn't blame her. So, the 60th Anniversary of Golden Books will have to wait until next week. Besides, she's coming with me tomorrow night to see Blonde Redhead in the city. It's an outdoor show at 7pm. That's plenty of city for my little "country" (SI) mouse!

It only made sense to spend the afternoon at our favorite spot. "Penny Beach" as she calls it. We had a lunch picnic and spent the day lounging, playing, and taking photos. Here's a glimpse of the view. That's NYC over there.

Here is the path leading away from the Alice Austen House.
Alice was a prolific and accomplished photographer. The house she lived in was called "Clear Comfort" and was built in 1690. Alice and her family moved there in 1860. It is now a national landmark. It is well preserved and just lovely. This summer, they had music and dance performances on the lawn and a photography camp for children ages 8-12. There is always something interesting and creative happening there. The curator explained Native Americans carved out and settled the land on which the house rests. It is just one of the most special places.
In the evening, as per her request, we went for dinner at a Japanese hibachi restaurant with all the "bells and whistles," as they say. She had such a great time.

On the crafty front, I am very excited to be participating in the postcard swap organized by Andrea over at Let it Fly.
I had been wanting to do something like this since June. Cub's new watercolors made it easy to whip something up for the "Summer" theme. You may have noticed by now, that to me, "summer" is synonymous with "free."
I am thinking about organizing my own swap for Fall.
Anyone interested?


DarkerShadeOfLight said...

Glad to hear you had a good time. Gosh, isn't penny beach/the Alice Austin house such a great place to just sit back and relax. It's beautiful there. I find myself walking down there on random nights just to relax and suck in the lit up skyline and bridge with the water reflecting it. Have a new poem in the making. Should have it up by tonight or tomorrow.

Jojo said...

Okay, I have nervous knots in the pit of my stomach in answering the swap question but I am committing with a "yes." It has been years since I worked at a creative, artistic project but somewhere, deep inside, there might be something within that is buried and I might find it if I answer in the positive.

What a beautiful place the Alice Austen House is...and it appears to be so close to the city. Quite a treasure.