Monday, August 18, 2008


I know I have already shared my little "obsession" with garlands. I try to hold back, really I do. However, it seems that lately the entire universe is feeling the garlandy-love. Every day there is one more fabulous garland out there in the world. I want them all! Worse than that, I want to make them all and I'm returning to work next Thursday! Ugh. For starters, did you get a glimpse of one of today's Craftzine posts? Check out that garland made out of supermarket circulars! Excellent.
Every time I visit this etsy shop, I swoon. If I won the lottery tonight, I'd gobble it all up. I love it ALL that much. Such talented ladies!
Just take a look at this beauty. A garland made of vintage french magazines? I can't take it. And that's just the beginning!

This garland is made out of recycled newspapers. Maya Made posted this quick and easy tutorial today. A few weeks ago, the owners of the laundromat we use were kind enough to give me (at my request) a lot of their old Korean newspapers. I've been using them for different craft projects. Just found another use for 'em.

And I've already told you I'm in the "process" (eh-hem) of making one of these. To me, this is pure giggle on a string!

And last, but not least, a Garland of the non-fabric, non-paper, variety-but brilliant in every way. I have loved this band from the first second I heard them and I will never get over their haunting, melodic, sound. This will always be a favorite.

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karmabutton said...

you are the greatest. i am so lucky to have met you and trudge through life here with you too!! xoxo