Thursday, August 14, 2008

Highlights of My Day

1. Cub refusing to take a nap, then me waking-up in my bed with her laying beside me, breathing deeply, hugging her best bear ("Peanut Butter") close.

2. Later in the afternoon, I sent her over to test-drive our new baby-sitter. She's going to preschool in the fall, but it's closed four days in September and six in October. That meant I needed to have solid plans for her care when the school is closed. Turns out, a woman who lives on our block has been running a small, at home, day-care for the past fourteen years. With some time on my hands this afternoon I spent two hours in one of my favorite places, the library!

3. I picked-up this book that I put on hold a few weeks ago, after reading so many positive reviews on the blog circuit. I ended-up sitting outside on the library steps reading for another half hour. I will definitely buy this one for our collection. What an incredible resource for anyone with any creative inclination or interest. It is uber-inspiring!

I've already decided to begin a "Journey book," after reading Mitsumasa Anno's piece. He said, "I travel whenever I can and draw wherever I go." I thought it would be a creative challenge, to focus on drawing the places I visit, instead of, or in addition to, relying on my camera.

4. A glass of the Mango iced tea I made yesterday was even better today. Real simple: Cold Brew Lipton Tea Bags (love these), water, and ice. In minutes the iced-tea part is done. Then, I pour some Goya Mango Nectar in the bottom of a glass and pour the tea over it. Add some mint leaves for extra zing! This is nice if you're looking for something different.

5. On deck for tonight, more reading and a choice of three movies: I Heart Huckabees, Little Buddha, or Marie Antoinette. I think I've seen pieces of Huckabees and Antoinette. But I checked them out anyway. I have a memory like a sieve.

6. Ah, rain...

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