Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beautiful Day

Another one of our favorite places is the Staten Island Children's Museum.
It has been a big part of our lives since Cub was a baby. We never seem to tire of its bright and lively atmosphere and all the things to do there. Yesterday, we brought four of our friends who had (believe it or not!) never been to the museum before. We had the best time.
It is true, "the more, the merrier!"
I love all of these colors.

Check out this ginormous rubber band ball!

It's so nice having a special place to share with friends.

Today, our dearest friend is visiting! We're going to see the big ships and then go out for lunch. It's Fleet Week here. That means lots of cute sailors walking around Bay Street and Cub wishing everyone,
"Happy Fleet Week!"
Hope you are enjoying the weekend, Everybody!

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Jojo said...

Mille Fiori just had a little something on her blog about Fleet Week too. She met up with a blogger friend and was sharing some of their day together. How much fun is that!

Sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend.