Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Still Here...

Yes, I'm still here. I've been turning a little more inward lately. Trying to figure out
my health and just settle into a different lifestyle.
Yesterday, I said goodbye to all of my houseplants, including my lovely little windowsill
herb garden. My sweet neighbor adopted the ones Cub had given me as gifts the past few years. The rest are living in front of our house now.
In the meantime, I've managed to do some simple crafting for others-
which definitely offers some healing benefits!
I made this cupcake/jewelry stand for Cub's aunt for her birthday.
I used the ol' glue-a-plate-to-a-candlestick method.
I painted the flowers with enamel paints. After this photo, I added a strand of flowers around the base, too. I love morning glories.
To me, they represent great strength as well as simplicity, in the best of ways.
A great technique for keeping calm and focusing on other things--some more "mindless" craft:
Quickie Quilt Journals from one of my favorite craft blogs.
I love when I get to dip into my big, fat, scrap bag!
I may even sew a blanket stitch around the edges when I'm finished.
Later on, I'm going to treat myself to this dress, as an early birthday present.
I love jersey so much. It's so comfey and drapes nicely.
Yes, tomorrow is the "big day." I have some loose plans, but I'm going to let the day unfold naturally and enjoy all life has to offer.
I'm so grateful for all I've been blessed with!


Jojo said...

Happy Special Day! I hope the day brings wonderful surprises and many blessings.

J for Jendetta said...

it's actually 4 minuted until your birthday! I love love love the way the cupcake stand came out!!! xoxo

Jojo said...

Hope your special day was everything you wished for and more.

BTW-my friend Caitlin is 43 and we consider Shea nothing short of a miracle.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Yes.. It is May 16th.. Your birthday is 2 days before mine.

I remembered! :)

I am sending you happy birthday wishes and I hope your day was nothing short than wonderful.

By the way, that cupcake/jewelry stand?? Fabulous.