Friday, May 8, 2009

Finding the Beauty

What started as a sinus infection turned into an allergic-to-amoxycillin ER nightmare, then into
an allergic-rebound-hypersensitivity hell on earth!
I think anyone who knows me would agree I am
a highly functioning individual and I believe in
living life passionately and to its fullest potential.
Well, this week, I've been physically and emotionally challenged.
I've definitely hit some low points. But
I've also surrendered, "Okay-God, you've got my attention now!"
Yes, I need to pay more attention. I know that now, for sure.
There have been many nights of prayer and meditation.
...Trying to get back to my center.
Trying to re-focus and re-organize through the struggle.
The beauty of life is that there have been some poignantly beautiful
moments through it all...Deep love and support given to me by my young
daughter. Concern and support demonstrated by my family and friends.
And during a rare afternoon, while attempting to divert and distract myself,
I landed in "Sal's Boutique," and scored a couple of things that made me happy.
(Yeah, I know--never to sick to shop, right?)
Yes, there really is such thing as retail therapy!
We desperately needed little dishes. I'd been holding out for
vintage Japanese stoneware, and that's exactly what I got-
for practically a song!
What a pretty spring design, too!

And a brightly colored beauty for yours truly. I get the biggest smile on my face when
I find things like this in that store for $1.00!
Now Cub and I both have vintage Liberty of London shirts.
Can't wait to wear them at the same time.
I had big plans for this weekend. Been doing a lot of hypo-allergenic cooking...Things like chicken soup and lamb stews. All pretty good.
I don't know how I'll feel on Mother's Day.
All I am planning on so far is-
homemade biscuits and tea in the morning.
Sending good wishes to everyone for a lovely weekend.


Jojo said...

Hope you are well on your way to feeling great so that you can maximize your Mother's Day celebrations. Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

Susan Sager Brown said...

I hope you are feeling alot better. And I agree, one is NEVER to sick to shop! Have a wonderful Mother's Day. I also agree with Cub, and want to put the whole world in my basket too!!Priceless!