Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do Everything Better

Been meaning to pass this on for some time now. My "BFF" Julie, gave this book to me as a birthday present last year and I just love it. She lived in Japan for three years teaching English to Japanese businessmen. While she was there, she taught herself Japanese, too!
She is an amazing woman, but I digress...
I love hearing all about her life in Japan and have learned a lot about the cute and quirky
aspects of Japanese culture from her.
Urawaza is defined as being a secret trick or an unmapped shortcut.
The book is divided up into seven chapters, covering different areas of the home. There is a section on health and beauty, too. I like it because most of the tips call for a short list of items we all have around the house.
For example, did you know that you can prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up if you "slice a potato in half and rub the inner surface against the glass?"
Or, that you can use a baby diaper to water your plants while you're away on vacation?
Fascinating stuff. So cute.
Oh, yeah...if you're like me and have shrunk your share of sweaters...
All you have to do is immerse the sweater in water plus hair conditioner solution for half an hour, "...and your sweater will magically expand to its original size!"
Here's wishing everyone a peaceful and relaxing weekend. We have a lot planned. Ships to see and explore, a visit from Julie, thrifting, crafting, and a birthday party on Sunday.
Blessings, Everyone!

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