Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bubbly Birthday

Yesterday I decided (from all the birthdays this year!) that I would really love to photograph children's parties, professionally. I would charge a small fee...Or, if Cub could eat, play, and join in the fun, I'd charge nothing!
Yesterday's party was delightful in every way. Maybe 'cause it was at one of our favorite party venues....Bubbles Playhouse! (Which is like Pee Wee's Playhouse for Kids!!!)
It is mind-boggling and inspiring to observe the amount of energy Miss Bubbles has and how much fun she makes it for the kids.
Unfortunately, I didn't finish that necklace in time. I just wasn't feelin' sewing all those felt beads together! You know how it is. Also, I'm making each child in Cub's class a tissue paper flower for their "Stepping Up" graduation/celebration on June 17. So, I took myself off the hook for the birthday flowers, too!! Lately, I've been too caught up in "therapeutic crochet" to do anything else. Instead, we bought a big Tub O' Crafts and some clay for the birthday girl.

That little "puppet" attached to the card was made by the two of us. Cub wanted the little human shaped popcicle sticks at Michael's the other night and we've been making puppets ever since. Today, we are gluing on clothes made of fabric scraps...For this one,
it had to be Sharpee Couture!
Face painting is one of the BEST things about the Playhouse. In less than 10 minutes my girl turned into a butterfly! ("It's not make-up, Mama! It's me!")
As if pizza and cake are not enough!

Everyone LOVED this cake and thought it was just beautiful...not the typical birthday cake you traditionally see. V's mom was kind enough to share with us where she bought it...Pathmark of all places. I love it!
Just goes to show, you don't have to go to fancy SI Italian bakery for an awesome cake! Ha, ha!!

Some art shots --just because...that is what I do.
I couldn't help it. Look at this color!

As we were walking to our car after the party, I found this wall and it just screamed our names.
I shot about ten photos here.

COLOR, CHILDREN, cotton candy, balloons, paper streamers, cake...What's not to love about
photographing children's parties?
For me, not much.


Linda Crispell said...

I can't imagine a better job!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I think you would be over the moon fabulous at this job!!! Your artsy eye would capture all the beauty in every party! What a great idea!