Sunday, May 24, 2009


Just returned home from a lovely afternoon with Julie and Cub.
We were off to the beach, but the sky began to darken with the threat of a thunderstorm, so we came home for a bit. Rummaging through the packed away summer clothes for something to wear revealed what is no longer a ridiculous secret...I am the owner of 30 dresses. Eeek! How did that happen? Don't ever let me get away with saying I have nothing to wear.
I have one prize in the collection...A vintage Marc Jacobs full length shift in navy blue silk. Spun by angels, I tell you. My friend Katherine, who used to work in fashion, passed it on to me about ten years ago. I've worn it twice.
Cub: Mama, When I get older can I have THAT dress?
Mama: Sure, Honey...Which one?
Cub: That one, Mama. The one you just put away over there.
I'll give you three guesses which one she was talking about. That girl.
The above image is a sneak peak at what I've been up to as far as crafting the past few nights...Felt beads. I'm making a whole bunch of two specific kinds. Tons of 'em.
One set is going to be a birthday gift for a special girl in Cub's class.
Since she flipped for my Greek mati bracelet, I figured she would appreciate
a handmade psychedelic-style necklace.

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